When choosing a triple tree to fit your bike we start with the bike. What purpose and which material, technical solutions and specifications does the triple tree need to fit your bike?
To keep the bike rideable or in some cases improve rideability you need to be sure the geometry has been thought trough.

We can off course assist, therefore we need as much input as we can get our hands on. Offset , rake-angles, fork lenghts and wheel diameters are some of them...




Some bikes give the immediate answer on the question how the triple trees should look. To come to a fitting design we need input, moodboards, examples and dimensions. We can refer to our instagram and facebook for inspiration, but we want YOU to inspire us for that unique design that fits the bike. 



A top yoke can consists of many elements all of them together make or break a design. And all of them make or break the price too...... Elements as digital speedo`s  (for example motogadget) work well on form and function. Furthermore it is often several angles and transitions that can make for a real nice design. Again here; complicated elements of course affect price. 



When we have an idea on what elements we want in our design and the dimensions are set we will blend all of this into a workable 3D-model. We verify the design with customer and if needed we can do some rendering. Then it`s time to do the programming for the CNC machine; CAM programming. 



Time to put the machine to work! Even though we run a CNC machine, this does not mean we hit the green button and a part drops out two hours later. When making a one-off part it is actually a labor intensive job setting up and doing all the fixtures for one specific part. The amount of setups is often a big factor in price, that is why different angles and complicated forms might be unexpectedly expensive in some designs. 



Final checks; Tolerances on holes, flatness and desired finish. Because both technical and appearance are critical on parts like these we are thorough on checking if all is within desired tolerance. 



The finishing touch can do a lot for the overall looks of the part. Desired finish is something to keep in mind through the entire process. It might affect the way we need to hold a certain part or program our CNC toolpaths.

Three main options we offer;
Machine finish; shows tool/milliingmarks, can sometimes be used to get the desired finish. Brushed/cut finish; this gives a more smooth/sleek appearance. Glasbead blasted for a nice satin finish.